Friday, April 17, 2009

Art Journaling Techniques

All READERS I have to let you know how wonderful the new volume of Somerset APPRENTICE magazine is at explaining all the step by step techniques to complete your art journaling or faith book experience. This magazine is very useable and I want to recommend it before it vanishes from the store shelves. I love the directions for chipboard books. I think all the ideas about how to accentuate the use of acryllic paint is a must read. Happy creating whymsical women.
Kind Regards, Lin

Inspiration from Chicago

Back again!! It was a terrific spring break in the windy city of Chicago. I am always wowed a bit by the big city life on Lake Michigan. Especially because I grew up on such a tiny little lake. There were many inspirational moments while staying at the art deco Allegro HOTEL and being in the heart of the theatre district. I caught many glimpses of the broadway musical Mary Poppins just in strolling by the Cadillac Theatre. Eating Thai food and shopping whole foods is a joy for me seeing all the beautiful natural raw colors. I knew my heart was dancing. It gave me such an international uplift and of course, I enjoyed a berry blast of gluten free yogurt. The friendly staff and informative bell hops and bell man were greatly appreciated as I visited some local artisan galleries. I was elated to see some art dolls on display and some creatures made from repurposed sweaters. First, I want to get back to dallying with my primitive mini quilts and art journals... I sense some visual journal experiences foaming to the top of my thoughts.
Thanks again for enjoying the ride with me. Kindest Regards and joy filled moments. Lin

Friday, April 10, 2009


My dialy reflection is about visual praying. Each time I start a new project it becomes part of my visual prayer process. Visual prayers are so precious to me and is similar to what I have read about praying in color. I am a visual experiential learner and find that designing and creating my own projects also gives me the much needed spiritual connection. Creating gives me time with the DIVINE and gives me a deeper sense of purpose. Let me know how you are becoming a visual prayer during the creative process. Kind Regards, Lin

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Primitive bunnies

I will be trying to post my primitive bunny collection as it becomes available or look on my shop at and Please share any info you have on making and collecting prims.

Repurposed Sweaters

wow! This has been a productive day at the library. I was reading about designs that start from repurposed sweaters. The book was called Sweater Surgery. It is amazing how a plushie can be born or a cool book bag or a place to stash your favorite journal. I am planning on making some small creatures and a bag. My stash of navy sweaters is growing and sweaters with stripes. I also, want to find sweaters with green or a spring theme with some embroidery to make that extra fashion statement. Doing sweater surgery is very easy and looking for sweaters with the largest amount of remnant fabric for matching scarf or headbands. Hope this will inspire you to start designing and repurposing some of your own thrift store sweaters. Have Fun!! Creative Play is for everyone.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Native American ART dolls

I am fascinated by the native american art doll or cloth sculpture. The next creation that I will be listing is made from repurposed fabric with a native american design. It amazes me as a soft sculpture begins to evolve how a face appears. Lastly the embellishments need to be sorted and placed so that it will have the overall feel of an earthly partner who watches over the day and night.
Hopefully it will go to a deserving home. I do not use a pattern. I study the design of the recycled fabrics before I begin.
I use both machine stitiching and handstitching.