Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Inspiration can come from many sources. Today the web site of www.janicelowry.com has been very uplifting to me. Janice is also featured in the Somerset Studio Art Journaling magazine. She is also the journaler who is featured at the Smithsonian for collecting hundred of her art journals. Now that is so inspiring to me to keep learning new techniques and adding more interesting facts combining life and art. Art journaling is an act of lovingkindness for reconnecting with my soul. It is hope and joy.
I get excited about organizing my art supplies and art papers. It is just creative play.. but I can not live without it. Much joy and inspiration to all. Kind Regards, L. J.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Creative Process

I am now on twitter and have a journaling twibe. I need to catch up on the creative process. I am inspired by all the great art journaling links. I need to get more of my pics of the creative process that I am allowing based on process and intuition. It is about making a sacred space to let ideas flow and allow colors to come into being thru me. It is about knowing that there is never a wrong idea or a mistake. It doesnt even have to be about a theme or something imagined. It can become anything. It is what is now.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Epicure of Positive Experience

Positive creative endeavors that foster friendships lead to an atmosphere where artists can cultivate forgiveness and enhance the gratitude attitude that leads to a more authentic life. Spending time with friends that give unconditional support for our emotional and spiritual needs is more fulfilling and leads to happier experiences.
Happiness is a healthy choice. Choosing strategies that lead to expressing positive feelings and serene thoughts will allow more time for creating art and sharing.
Meditating and slow breathing will make time for more gratitude about sharing the fun of making art happen. Stay in the moment and breathe in peace and joy. Kindest Regards, Lin

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Wow I love serendipity moments. This is when I come upon a trash to treasure find that someone actually put into a trash bin. I asked permission to take out some unmatched socks and they said YES. NOW I am sock hopping happy to have them. This looks like a new bunny project made from upcycled and recycled socks. Women, men, and children socks are so cool when you can cut and sew them up into ears, arms, legs, and little chunky bodies. I feel like the eyes , nose, and mouth will come to me later. I believe the socks combined with my recycled sweaters will make some great combo softies and plushies. WOW what fun I am having. By the way I love fiscars scissors!!!! Tell me about your sock inventory. I love to hear what someone is doing with a sock that is just a loner looking for some fun. Kindest Regards, Lin

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Enriching your LIFE

Enriching ones life with the benefits of creating a spiritual journal may take a boost now and then. Here is a great little book on PRAYER: The ONEWORLD BOOK OF PRAYER a treasury of Prayers from around the world compiled by Juliet mabey. This little book can help prompt the memory of the spiritual kindness of others and give you ideas for spiritual journaling theme pages. Look around and see what is happening at the spiritual level and write a prayer of thanksgiving of your own. Gratitiude journals are meant to lift your spirit. When you lift your spirit those around you are also benefiting. I hope you all know that I am a collector of great quotes on spiritual journaling topics. I hope you will all submit me one or two. Thanks for listening. Kindest Regards, Lin


This last trip took me to the foothills of Colorado and the snow tipped mountains of the mighty rocky mountains. It lifts my spirit higher to breathe deeply the mountainous air. The sun definitely feels closer and warmer at that height. I went scavenging to Archiver's and Michael's to look for the perfect archival papers and stash them for photo journaling and memory making. I also found stickers. yea yea. Adding to my repertoire of great resources there are three that make my best of list for May. 1) Scrapbooking YOUR FAITH by Courtney Walsh ( these are pages and pages of layouts that celebrate your spiritual beliefs and make me excited to show what God is doing and documenting what GoD has done.) 2) Faith Books and Spiritual JOURNALING Expressions of Faith through ART by Sharon Soneff (Wow the examples will take you places to express your truest self). 3) Altered Book Collage by BarbaraMatthiessen ( some truly great examples of how to recycle and upcycle any vintage materials you have laying around... this inspires me to make a keepsake journal or pass on an heirloom for others). There is a lot of love and care put into these resources I hope they will challenge you to reach new levels of visual journaling. Kindest Regards, Lindy

Friday, April 17, 2009

Art Journaling Techniques

All READERS I have to let you know how wonderful the new volume of Somerset APPRENTICE magazine is at explaining all the step by step techniques to complete your art journaling or faith book experience. This magazine is very useable and I want to recommend it before it vanishes from the store shelves. I love the directions for chipboard books. I think all the ideas about how to accentuate the use of acryllic paint is a must read. Happy creating whymsical women.
Kind Regards, Lin