Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Creative Process

I am now on twitter and have a journaling twibe. I need to catch up on the creative process. I am inspired by all the great art journaling links. I need to get more of my pics of the creative process that I am allowing based on process and intuition. It is about making a sacred space to let ideas flow and allow colors to come into being thru me. It is about knowing that there is never a wrong idea or a mistake. It doesnt even have to be about a theme or something imagined. It can become anything. It is what is now.


  1. How did you find your journaling twibe? I am still trying to figure twitter out (maybe I am making it too complicated?)

  2. I am on twitter but NO idea what a twibe is! lol
    Loving reading your posts though :) totally loving the art journal fundamental that nothing is wrong :)