Sunday, May 3, 2009


Wow I love serendipity moments. This is when I come upon a trash to treasure find that someone actually put into a trash bin. I asked permission to take out some unmatched socks and they said YES. NOW I am sock hopping happy to have them. This looks like a new bunny project made from upcycled and recycled socks. Women, men, and children socks are so cool when you can cut and sew them up into ears, arms, legs, and little chunky bodies. I feel like the eyes , nose, and mouth will come to me later. I believe the socks combined with my recycled sweaters will make some great combo softies and plushies. WOW what fun I am having. By the way I love fiscars scissors!!!! Tell me about your sock inventory. I love to hear what someone is doing with a sock that is just a loner looking for some fun. Kindest Regards, Lin

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  1. Hi There Lin...Thanks for becoming a follower of Aprons Gone Wild. The blog world is very entertaining, don't you think?
    Good tips on those loner socks...I always put mine over my hand like a mitten and dust!