Friday, April 17, 2009

Inspiration from Chicago

Back again!! It was a terrific spring break in the windy city of Chicago. I am always wowed a bit by the big city life on Lake Michigan. Especially because I grew up on such a tiny little lake. There were many inspirational moments while staying at the art deco Allegro HOTEL and being in the heart of the theatre district. I caught many glimpses of the broadway musical Mary Poppins just in strolling by the Cadillac Theatre. Eating Thai food and shopping whole foods is a joy for me seeing all the beautiful natural raw colors. I knew my heart was dancing. It gave me such an international uplift and of course, I enjoyed a berry blast of gluten free yogurt. The friendly staff and informative bell hops and bell man were greatly appreciated as I visited some local artisan galleries. I was elated to see some art dolls on display and some creatures made from repurposed sweaters. First, I want to get back to dallying with my primitive mini quilts and art journals... I sense some visual journal experiences foaming to the top of my thoughts.
Thanks again for enjoying the ride with me. Kindest Regards and joy filled moments. Lin

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